A New Course for 2019
Lead by Christen (Burns) Feickert, Mark Broderick and Karin Green,
with Cliff Barry
This online course will benefit you in the two most important areas of your life.
Personally, in your relationships, you will experience an increased understanding and compassion for your loved ones.  “Since learning about personality types, I have been able to see and connect deeply in ways I didn’t know where possible.  My family and friends often ask me for my insights into what they are not understanding in their closest relationships.” Christen
Professionally, it will give you new capacities to work effectively with all kinds of people.  “My business took off after I learned about personality types.  My ability to engage new clients, as well as develop my existing clients, was dramatically increased.” Mark
You will gain a better understanding and compassion for yourself too.
We will introduce you to some of the latest genetic and scientific discoveries about the development of the human personality.  We will combine your new understanding with existing personality models including the Enneagram and the Shadow Types.
In this level-one course we will explore:

  • the way your genetic makeup drives your behavior.
  • how the three parts of your brain shape your personality.
  • the genetic pathways that give you access to key behavioral shifts.
  • how your personality might interact with the personalities of loved ones.
We will explore how the various elements of “nature” (your genetic makeup) and “nurture” (your life experiences) have shaped who you are.  You will better understand the beliefs and internal messages that drive your everyday actions.
In this course, we bring together the genetic aspects of human personality and the six dynamic loops of the Shadow Work model.  As a result, you will start to develop the ability to navigate each of the genetic personality pathways and thus increase your emotional and behavioral intelligence.
“This is an introductory course available for only $650.  If you get hooked on personality typing (the way we did), there are more in-depth courses available.” Cliff
This course is also a powerful foundation for our more advanced courses, in which you can delve deeply into the wounds of the 12 Shadow Types.  You can learn how to type and facilitate any individual, group or organization using the genetic pathways.  Ultimately, you may wish to go on to become certified as a Shadow Work® Coach, Facilitator or Organizational Consultant
"By applying the Genetic Pathways to my work environment, I have been able to show up more powerfully in my professional relationships. The result is that it has been much easier for me to be in the flow, rather than trying to control situations that occur. I have so much more ease and it has made my work so much more enjoyable." Craig Tennant, Founder, Engaging Breakthroughs
This webinar is scheduled to start on the 6th of April 2019 (further dates to be scheduled).  Over approximately three months, the course will consist of
  • six two-hour course sessions
  • three hour-long Question & Answer sessions
  • with experiential homework between sessions.

The tuition is $650 (£495). Paid in full upon registration.

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